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SDC Participants are self-referred and call personally to inquire about the program.  If they are interested in SDC they are mailed an “Eligibility Pre-screening Form.”  When the completed form is returned and they appear to be eligible they are placed on a waiting list. The program director contacts them when a spot opens to see if they are still interested in participating in FloridaSDC.

If they are still interested in participating a coach calls and schedules an Orientation Meeting.  People who are eligible and who choose to participate, have two weeks from the date of this meeting to complete eighty percent of the “Orientation Packet”.

The  Pre-Enrollment Meeting follows orientation.  People have six weeks from the pre-enrollment meeting to complete their goals and budget and be enrolled as a Florida Self Directed Care.  People receive copies of the Policy and Procedures, Purchasing Guidelines, Emergency Phone Numbers, Etc., at the pre-enrollment as they take control of their recovery, and serve the role once filled by their case managers.
Prospective participants take an online strengths and well being assessment; use a variety of tools to identify their life vision, recovery goals, and action steps; and then clarify and commit to this in the Participant Workbook.  When this is completed people may be enrolled as participants and they may use their award to purchase items and services identified in their goals and approved on their budget.  The goals and budget are reviewed and revised quarterly.
Program Participants are encouraged to complete an Advance Directive; Relapse Prevention Plan; Crisis Plan; Personal Safety Plan; and Post Crisis Plan.  The goal is for participants to take control of their own lives, and not be controlled by their illness, circumstances, or others.
Information is provided Participants about Medication Assistance, Treatment Options, and the FloridaSDC Provider Network to give them more choice in their own treatment and recovery.
The FloridaSDC Program is based on the belief that people with mental illness are their own greatest recovery resource.  Society and our own internal voices have often told us differently.  We have been made to feel incapable of determining the direction of our own life and recovery.  But many have learned otherwise, and FloridaSDC wants to give encouragement and support to people with mental illness to overcome the adverse effects of the illness and enjoy a productive and meaningful life.



Provider Packet
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The Provider Directory is a list mental health service providers who agree to accept payment directly from FloridaSDC for program participants who use their service. Eligible providers have required Florida State Licenses and Certifications, and agree to provide quality care adhering to all local, State, and Federal, laws as well as rules, regulations, and statements of policy applicable to the FloridaSDC program. Our goal is to provide program participants choice of mental health service providers, and more self-determination in their own recovery.


FloridaSDC Circuit 20 is administered by NAMI of Collier County, and is funded by the Florida DCF.
Florida Self-Directed Care Circuit 20, 1650 Medical Lane Suite 2, Fort Myers Florida 33907
Message Line: (239) 936-4318 – Fax: (239) 936-7140 – voice@flsdc.org

FloridaSDC Circuit 20 Serves Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Hendry, & Glades Counties.
Program Coordinator David Sarchet, LMHC – Data Specialist Mila Collett
Life Coaches Susan Sholle-Martin, Chamelon McFarlane & Megan Cobb
Office Hours Mon – Fri 9 am-5:00 pm

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